Some of the Weirdest Museums in Tokyo

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What should you include on your itinerary when visiting Japan? There are several cities/towns, historic structures, and natural wonders to visit while in the country. Another option is museums, and there are several unique ones including the following ones:

1. Meguro parasitological Museum
The parasite museum is easily one of the unique and interesting museums you can find in the country. In fact, it’s the world’s largest museum of its type. It’s about a 15-minute walk from Tokyo’s JR Meguro Station so you can get some exercise before visiting the museum. The Tokyo parasite museum reportedly includes about 60,000 parasite samples that represent around 1,500 types. The majority are stored on the museum’s research floors, but there are still 300 displays located in the public section.

Are you a science fan? Even if you don’t like the idea of seeing thousands of parasites you might be interested in viewing the different samples in the museum. Some of the most interesting samples are the ones that include hosts that parasites have already infected. They include parasites in the stomach and eyes of fishes. Such displays are gross yet fascinating.

2. Tokyo Tobacco and Salt Museum
This museum moved in April 2015 to its current location in Sumida-KU, which is near the Tokyo Skytree. What’s the museum all about? It’s a high-tech building that shows the various usages of salt and tobacco during world history. You might be wondering why the two substances are featured in the same museum. The reason is they were both monopolies of the Japanese government until recent years.

The museum’s second floor features displays about slat including formation and production during ancient /modern years. There are many interesting items in the salt displays include a huge piece of rock salt that weighs 1. 4tons and was mined in Poland. There are also things like a piece of rock salt that’s been carved to look like the St. Klinga statue. The original artwork is located in a Polish salt mine and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Then there’s the museum’s tobacco section. It includes displays about things like tobacco smoking, the history of tobacco in the Americas and the history of tobacco in various countries of the world like Japan. You can also find a replica tobacco shop from the Edo era and another one from the 1975-1985 period.

3. Kite Museum
Here’s another interesting museum in Japan. Kites have decreased in popularity in Japan during recent years. However, it’s still very popular among kids and during traditional festivals. The museum is located on the 5th floor of a popular restaurant. Named Taimeiken. It shows kites of many shapes/sizes from countries including Japan. If you visit the museum, you can also buy rare souvenir kites that are hand-made.

4. Tokyo Trick Art Museum
This museum can provide lots of fun for yourself and also friends/family. It’s a maze of optical illusions and 3D paintings that includes five areas. It includes different areas like Edo Area and Ninja House to provide a time machine element to the fun experience. Make sure to bring your camera so you can snap lots of pictures at the museum.

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