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The Best Parks in Tokyo

Are you looking for places to visit in Tokyo? There are many types of natural and manmade sites, and some of the top ones are the Best Parks in Tokyo. There’s several to pick from so which ones are the best options: Here are some to consider: 1. Kichijoji This neighborhood often gets average reviews, […]

The Origins of Love Hotels, Shibuya, Shinjuku and beyond

Are you looking for accommodations in Japan? If so then one of the most popular options is love hotels. These are standard hotels except gusts pay per hour and usually up to 2 hours. Love hotels often include perks like adult channels, sex toys, and adult costumes. The items can be purchased through the telephone […]

Some of the Weirdest Museums in Tokyo

What should you include on your itinerary when visiting Japan? There are several cities/towns, historic structures, and natural wonders to visit while in the country. Another option is museums, and there are several unique ones including the following ones: 1. Meguro parasitological Museum The parasite museum is easily one of the unique and interesting museums […]

How to Island Hop in Japan

Are you looking for activities to do in Japan? There are many options including Island Hopping in Japan. A country is a group of islands, so there are many options, but it’s important to take the right steps to have the best experience possible. What do you want to see when you do Island Hopping […]

Why Osaka Has the Best Food

Are you planning to visit Osaka, Japan? If so then there are certain foods you should consider trying. There are many great options but here are some of the top choices: This is a great place to find a hearty meal in Osaka. It’s a small sushi bar where you can find some excellent sushi. […]

Why You need a JR Rail Pass – Getting around Japan

How do you plan to get around Japan? There are many options including taxi, bus, and plane. However, one of the best options is the JR Rail Pass. Why is it such a critical tool for traveling around the country? Here are some of the top benefits to consider: 1. Cost The main benefit of […]

Princess Monoke Island – Yakushima

Are you planning a trip to Japan? If so you should consider visiting Princess Monoke Island – Yakushima. The island was inspired by Fukushima’s natural wonders. The island also includes many incredible tales, fables, and myths that are related to the spirits/gods that live in the trees and mountains. These stories are very interesting and […]

Snowboarding in Hokkaido

Are you planning a trip to Hokkaido, Japan? The “Northern Sea Circuit” is Japans second biggest island and the biggest and northern-most prefecture Sapporo is the biggest city on Hokkaido, and a Russian island is about 43 kilometers north of the Japanese island. If you’re planning to visit Hokkaido, there are several fun activities you […]